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Filter bags and inline filters Inline-Filter for direct usage in lines/hoses with metal or plastic housing, filter elements made of SS, PA or other materials Filter bags made of PA for hose/pump protection, baskets made of stainless steel for return or refill usage Dirt protection and small filter sets e.g. for usage with falling ball and other inline sensors, optonal with magnet sets Couplings (Snaplock & Co.) Snaplock coupling sets made of stainless steel, bronze or plastic, easy and safe usage for inks, coatings and other liquids Selve-closing coupling sets for pressurized circulations e.g. at cooling water circulations, hydraulic or oil supplies Hoses and pipeworks Special hoses also with electrical conductivity for pressure or suction lines Hoses and pipeworks made of PVC, EPDM, PTFE and stainless steel, available in rolls and standard lengths or individually sized Pump hoses for different types of peristaltic pumps, standard rolls or cut-to-length, ready to use with connection elements and quick- releases
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