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Exhibitions and upcoming Events Metal Kielce/Poland, Oktober 2020 MetPack Essen, February 2021 ICX-X Munich, March 2021 DRUPA Düsseldorf, April 2021 We exhibit on a regular base also at the following exhibitions and shows, just contact us for details: Ligna, MetPack, DRUPA, ECS - European Coating Show, GIFA, ICE-X ... and more ...
Product and company news MultiTank systems - New tank assemblies with 2, 3 and more tanks for quick media changes in production process optional cleaning valves/function, central control for main parameters (e.g. temperatur, level, viscosity ...) MCS-UV systems - special tank sets for UV coating applications in gravure and offset printing, tank design suitable for various machine types, incl. supply and optional refill pumps, automatic level control and more. 2 (3) component blending by single stations of oc-Blend 4000 is available, mix necessary volume on site for or during the production, just in time, just as much you need. oc-Blend 4000: Ink blending and dosing system for up to 10 stations with each 3 components. Incl. optional level and temperature control, viscosity control, recipe data base and protocol function 4-fold valve technology: Viscosity control with automatic dosing / mixing of up to 4 solvents New viscosity sensors: OB2 sensors especially for water based liquds, IKA sensors for advanced inline usage Inline temperature controls especially for usage in the demanding ink and coating applications are offered with heating and/or cooling functions. The heat exchangers are most effective and easy to clean in place. ACS Aqua-Cleaning-Systems offer water treatment/cleaning as environmental friendly solution.