opti-color Mess- und Regel- anlagen GmbH Tel: +49 (0) 5064 8077     E-Mail: info@opti-color.de Fax: +49 (0) 5064 8187     Home: www.opti-color.de opti-color  Mess- und Regelanlagen GmbH Vor dem Dorf 2, D-31162 Bad Salzdetfurth Impressum / Imprint    DataProtection © opti-color Mess- und Regelanlagen GmbH Blending and Dosing Systems oc Blend-4000 for printing / coating machines Blending system for up to 10 printing stations  with 3 components each (e.g. ink, extender,  solvent)   Central control with recipe data base,  individual parameter settings and flexible data  storing (protocols, log files etc.) Volume measurement with highest accuracy  at each station with valve dosing and splitting  function, level and overflow control  Optional integration of viscosity and  temperature measurement and control e.g. by  opti-color falling ball or rotational sensors  oc Blend for multi-component systems  Single stations for recipe based mix of 2 - 4  components incl. volume-metering and dosing  valves for offline usage  Process system for continious working  production lines with automatic refill   oc Blend for solvent mixtures  Online blending e.g. as combination with opti-  color viscosity control to mix 2 to 4 solvents  per station based on adjustable ratios  Combination / integration with oc-4000 soft-  ware is possible Comp. A:  25 %       Comp. B:  40 %           Comp. C:  30 %                Comp. D:   5 % Send a mail to receive additional information: